Housing Health and Safety Services for Landlords

I provide a range of inspection and advice services aimed at helping landlords achieve compliance with housing standards legislation, accurately identifying defects and targeting renovation investment, in order to minimise cost, liabilities and management. I have particular expertise in the compliance assessment of Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO’s), HMO Licensing, the HMO Management Regulations and residential Fire Safety.

I can undertake :

  • Pre-purchase/auction inspections, to help you evaluate the suitability, development potential and development costs of a property before you commit.
  • Post-purchase, renovation and re-development advice inspections, so you can maximise rental income and design-out common management issues. Get the correct options for Fire Safety compliance that match the risk to avoid under or over specification.
  • Property Safety Checks, so you can be sure your portfolio is free from significant hazards that might trigger enforcement action.
  • HMO inspections, to verify all aspects of Fire Safety, HMO Management Regulation compliance, HMO Licencing and Local Authority Amenity Standards are met.
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments (a legal requirement for all HMO’s that need a Licence).
  • HHSRS scoring inspections, defects/deficiency reports.
  • HMO plans reviewed for Fire Safety, Amenity Provision and Overcrowding. These are areas not all Architects, Building Control Surveyors and Planning Consultants are familiar with.
  • Advice about pending or current local authority enforcement action.